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Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine Services

At Regenesis MD we provide functional and Anti-Aging medicine services that are broader and deeper than the norm. Our approach uses cutting edge research and innovative diagnostic tools to slow the aging process by detecting, preventing, and treating illnesses associated with aging. Early detection of silent illness, reversing the burden toxins impose on our bodies, and promoting total wellness, inside and out, is our goal. It’s our observation that in America, unfortunately, there is no real sense of wellness being an inherent part of medicine.

We are committed to Men and Women’s total health transformations

Of course you can get a physical – but what in fact does that mean? You can listen to a patient’s heart and lungs and simply say ‘everything sounds okay,’ and the patient may have a heart attack in a week. Or a patient may be depressed or anxious, not sleeping well, or have some other hormonal issues that are simply not addressed in the typical physical exam. There is so much about wellness that is simply not addressed in primary care. There isn’t time for it. The coding and the billing and the whole business of primary care doesn’t allow us to deal with such issues.

“This approach to primary care”, says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “left me very unsatisfied. So I moved initially into advanced lipid testing and increasingly moved down the path of prevention and anti-aging-- invaluable services such as providing high quality supplements, advanced testing, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. However, the most invaluable service we provide is the time we spend with our patients, offering them services that make it easier for them to get everything they need to protect and improve their health, right here in one location.” We have the time to listen more and the resources and advanced testing to look deeper into hormonal imbalance, gut dysbiosis, adrenal health, nutritional deficiencies, auto-immune illnesses, and genetic predispositions for chronic illness. Each process in the body works in synergy with other processes to maintain homeostasis. By looking at the puzzle from a holistic approach, we are able to put the body back into balance.

With our patients, we talk about and provide guidance for making important lifestyle changes to promote overall wellness. For example, take the huge health issue of weight loss. Not only do we counsel on effective diet and exercise, but we use genetic testing to see which diet will work best for the individual patient. This leads to real results which in turn helps reverse and prevent chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Not only do our patients look and feel better but it is really satisfying for us as providers as well.

Functional Medicine Services

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