Integrative Disease Prevention and Management

Chronic health conditions affect more than 50% of adults. At Regenesis MD we don’t just focus on managing disease, but we focus on getting to the root cause. With access to advanced testing and a functional understanding of disease states, our providers are able to provide patient-specific treatment plans aimed to slow the aging process, detect silent illness, prevent disease, and comprehensively manage chronic conditions. Some of common illnesses we treat are:

Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease

Our office does extensive thyroid and autoimmune testing. Our practitioners are educated in all aspects of treatment of these diseases including natural medications, nutraceuticals, diet, and lifestyle changes to aid in healthy immune function. We match each treatment to the individual and do not only rely on laboratory values for the treatment of low thyroid. We keep up to date with the latest in thyroid and autoimmune research and treatment to be able to provide you with the best care.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies and toxic elements can have an impact on more than just energy level; they can actually worsen or initiate chronic disease. We use specialized Genova nutritional analysis and to detect need for antioxidants, b-vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids and specialized genetic and gut testing to determine the root cause of these deficiencies. Our providers them optimize nutrition and rid the body of toxins through diet changes, nutracaeuticals, and IV nutrition (see our IV Nutrition tab for more info about Regenesis MDs IV Program)

Gut Health

Gut health is imperative to not only to digestion but to nutrient absorption, heart health, neurocognitive function, prevention of disease, and a healthy immune system. We focus on promoting and maintaining a healthy gut flora. We are able to detect dysbiosis, candida overgrowth, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and poor gut absorption through specialized testing.

Adrenal Health

The hypothalamic-pituitary-axis regulates our bodies' hormonal response to stress. Chronic, long-term stress can tax this system leading to dysregulation of hormone production. This dysregulation can lead to thyroid disease, early menopause, poor immunity, and symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety/depression, etc. Our providers use saliva and urine testing to detect and manage adrenal dysregulation.

Heart Disease

Heart disease results in 1 in 4 of all deaths in the United States. Since plaque formation is oftentimes a silent illness until the late stages, we focus on prevention. Our providers use Boston Heart’s advanced lipid profile to take a closer look at each patient’s risk. We are able to detect genetic markers responsible for increased cholesterol production or absorption and genetic mutations related to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. By determining risk early, educating our patients, and developing a plan to mitigate risk we are able to prevent disease.


In addition to our aesthetics services to soften the outer appearances of aging, we also focus on systemic aging. As we age, our hormone levels decrease, we don't clear toxins appropriately, our metabolisms slow, and we have trouble maintaining the weight, libido, muscle mass, and energy level that we once had. Our providers work to reverse and slow the process of aging through optimizing nutrition, utilization of cutting age peptides to promote production of Growth Hormone, stem cells, hair rejuvenation, hormone replacement therapy, vaginal rejuvenation, and male enhancement.

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